Formal Portraits

Do you want something a bit more special, a keep-sake to frame and put on the mantel? Then a formal portrait could be what you're looking for. With a bit of planning, we can get set up studio lighting and create an image worthy of posterity.

If you'd like to add formal portraits to your wedding package, let me know as they require extra equipment and an assistant.

Why get a Formal Portrait?

Sometimes simply documenting a wedding isn't enough, and something more refined is required to remember those present.

  • Make sure to remember the most important people in your life, gathered all together.
  • Everyone looks their best, with studio quality lighting and poses.
  • Make the most of the beautiful location you booked for the wedding.


We'll have a full consultation to discuss what you would like out of your formal portrait. The sky is the limit in terms of group size and location.

If you'd like to get it done on or around the date of your wedding, we can see when would be most suitable.


We'll need some time to set up at the location beforehand, so that when we bring your loved ones in, we're ready to go. While we're setting up, we won't be able to photograph, so scheduling it carefully is essential.

With everyone involved ready and waiting near the location, we'll carefully assemble your loved ones, being sensitive to their needs and preferences.


Once you've picked your favourites, you will be sent all of the files to keep. These will be high-resolution, heirloom quality files, that can be printed to enormous sizes.

If you would like, we can also have them printed and framed for you using our local framer in Clerkenwell with decades of experience.

Ready to make to book your Formal Portrait?

Get in touch.