My style

I’m inspired by the photojournalists of old, capturing life as it happened before them. There are three parts to that:

Authentic Moments

My goal is to capture the moments that you and your guests really remember. The affection, the embraces, the laughs and knowing looks. To do that, I put myself at the centre of the action, but without drawing any attention.

Natural Look

Where possible, I only use the natural light available at your venue. This means the images truly capture the ambiance of the day. They look and feel right, naturally.

Documentary Feel

By getting close and capturing the candid moments of the day, I can document the true story of your wedding day. The images will convey a narrative that will be with you forever.

My Style and your needs

Of course, though I have my own style, I am there for you and we can adapt the photography to your requirements. These are all things we can discuss before the day, to make sure I cover what you need.

Get in touch and we can start the conversation.