I first picked up a camera at age 13 and I haven’t stopped shooting since. The feeling of being present, seeing a moment, and capturing it forever is thrilling, no matter how many times I click the shutter.

My style is inspired by the photojournalists of the golden age of photography. Their keen eyes saw beauty and composition in the world around them, without the need to interfere. So with me, you won’t be made to pose or do anything awkward. You just focus on what’s important and leave the photography to me.

My photos have a timeless look, always shooting for natural colours and classic monochromes. Where possible I use only natural light, which allows me to capture the true ambience of the venue and not disturb with a flash.

Beyond that, on the day, I’m there for you. You can trust me to arrive early and deliver images promptly. It’s a privilege to attend your wedding, and I don’t take it for granted.